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Ranks, Professions, Occupations, and Positions of Seamen, Sailors, Mariners, and Seafarers of Modern Ships

The organizational structure and crew of a modern ship generally has four departments. They are the Bridge, Deck, Engine Room, and Steward department. The Bridge is where the command and control of the ship take place and the Captain of the ship is the responsible officer of the ship's bridge. The Deck department contains the berthing and cargo and is headed by the Chief officer or Chief mate. The Engine Room is where the engine or prime mover (machine which makes the ship move) is located. The prime mover of a ship can be a diesel engine, gas turbine, or steam turbine. The Engine Room (ER) is headed by the Chief Engineer. The Steward department is headed by the Chief Steward and is responsible for the overseeing of meals and menus, cleaning and maintenance of quarters, and inventory and costing of supplies aboard the ship.

Ranks, Professions, Occupations, and Positions of Seamen, Sailors, Mariners, and Seafarers of Modern Ships:

These rankings are generally applicable to Private ships and variations of the positions and ranks may be present. Every privately owned shipping company has its own ranking system and organizational structure. On the other hand, the Navy or Marine of a country has its own standard ranking system unique to that country and it is recognized depending on whether it is affiliated with the UN, NATO, or any other World Organizations where international ranking system is respected.


Captain of the ship or Ship's Master (highest officer in the ship directly reporting to the owner of the ship)

Deck department:

Chief Mate (Chief Officer = second highest officer after the Captain of the ship)
Second Mate (Second Officer)
Third Mate (Third Officer)
Deck cadet
Able Seaman
Ordinary Seaman

Engineering department:

Chief Engineer (highest officer in the Engine Room/Engineering Department)
Second engineer (First assistant engineer)
Third engineer (Second assistant engineer)
Fourth engineer (Third assistant engineer
Engineering cadet
Engineering department crew members

Steward department:

Chief Steward
Chief Cook (Steward's Assistant)
Steward department crew members

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