Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Item Description Format

This is a personal and subjective format (or layout) for describing items. It therefore varies from person to person and organization to organization. The purpose of this format is to provide an easy and systematic way to describe a system, equipment, mechanism, assembly, machine, tool, device or any other items. This can be helpful when you are preparing for an oral board, presentation, lecture or any other discussions that has to do with speaking. It is beneficial for teachers, speakers, presenters, salespersons, subject matter experts or anyone that find it useful. This format can also be used for technical report writing.

Sample Item Description Format:


- Purpose

- Capacities (figures, numbers)

- Capabilities (uses)

- Main Components (parts)

- Preparations

- Permissions (approvals) required for operations

- Startup

- Operation
 - normal
 - backup
 - standby
 - emergency

- Limitations

- Safety

- Monitoring

- Alarms

- Warnings

- Indications

- Maintenance
 - oil
 - lubrication
 - service

- Authorities for inspection, repair, replacement & maintenance

- Problems & Causes

- Troubleshooting (corrective actions & remedies)

- Shutdown

Sample item: Boiler Feed Boost Pump

Purpose: deliver feed water from storage tank to main feed pump

Pump type: centrifugal

Capacity: 350 gpm

Speed: 1800 rpm

Power input: 35 HP, 440 V, 60 Hz, power factor 0.8

Suction pressure: 30 psi

Suction type: single suction

Suction flow: axial

Discharge pressure: 60 psi

Discharge flow: radial

Stages: 2 stage

Shaft: horizontal mount

Seal: shaft sealed with packing

Coupling: directly coupled to motor

Lubrication: oil-lubricated bearings

 - remote
 - automatic
 - manual

 - normal: motor-driven pump #1 running, motor-driven pump #2 standby
 - emergency: diesel-driven pump

 - pressure gauges
 - sound alarms
 - warning lights
 - indicator lights

Safety: overspeed trip

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