Friday, December 14, 2012

Advantages & Benefits of Working at Home on Home-Based Businesses

Home-Based Business is often underrated and being dubbed "employment for the unemployed". Well, you can say that but take a look at the benefits of working from the comfort of your own home, being your own boss, manager and landlord. Below are only a few of the advantages of working at home versus the harsh and hard realities of working for somebody else watching his money grow & making him richer and richer day by day, hour by hour.


- be your own boss (work for yourself and not somebody else, don't tell me you're going to work all your life for your boss until you're 60 years old, bending on your back when you retire)

- relax and enjoy (how can you enjoy the stresses, pressures, body exhaustion, curses & all those unproductive nonsense words, rumours & gossips, and even depression in the workplace?)

- freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want (what freedom do you have working in a factory or office where you have only 2 quick coffee breaks and a lunch break a day, working 8 hours a day, five days a week?)

- success is only limited by the amount of effort that you spend (not the limitations that your boss dictates)

- peace of mind (how can you have peace of mind in your workplace where you have your boss and co-workers bothering & nosing all around you?)

- spend MORE of your time with your wife, children, family, relatives, loved ones & friends (not waste your time with the ones that you hate)

- take care of your children (why waste those hard-earned money for paying your baby-sitter and leaving your home to work for your boss making him richer everyday?)

- control your time (enjoy the convenience & flexibility of your own time and not those tight schedules and deadlines set by your boss)

- ability to implement your money-making ideas (work out your ideas, which are often better than your boss)

- utilize those million-dollar earning skills, experience, expertise & abilities that you possess (that are limited, ignored , degraded, dismissed and never given opportunity in your workplace)

- have a nice, well-rested, good night sleep (not complaints of being tired at the end of the day, not to mention some people are even working night shifts)

- travel the whole world as long as you want (how can you enjoy your vacation & travel if you are tied to your dayjob with limited vacation days?)

- monitor & improve your health and physical well-being (most people are still reporting for work even if they feel sick and unhealthy, even if in bad weather compromising their health and safety (just for the money (salary))

- no more stress, maltreatments, insults and hurt feelings (of course this always happens when you're working for somebody else, plus add to it your back pain and pain on your feet)

- no more eye bags and dark spots around your eyes (how can you hide these signs of overwork and fatigue working for your boss?)

- no more commands whatever (nobody can deny that second-hand orders from your co-workers always happen aside from the command of your boss, making you sick and feel ever more tired at the end of your 8-hour workday)

- wake up in the morning refreshed (not depressed and rushing your way to work for your boss and receive remarks you don't deserve)

- no more early morning traffic on your way to your boss in the office or factory (not to mention shovelling the snow in your driveway, plus those curses from careless drivers on your way to work and the same things when you go home (and now tired) from your work)

- never miss those important appointments again (when you used up all your paid leaves and paid vacations, why do you make excuses and even lie about your appointments while negotiating with your boss for this unpaid dayoff afterall?)

- no more dress codes & uniforms to wear (and all those fake greetings that you really never meant)

- watch the news anytime (keep updated and be aware of what's happening around you and the whole world, if you're inside the factory or working in the office, you're not even aware of the news that's about to ruin you and your family and loved ones, even worse is when damage is already done and you're late!)

- relax, sit in your sofa, lie in bed, take a nap anytime you want (when you are working in the factory or in your office and you feel tired and stressed out, all you can wish for is the bell ringing the time for you to go home......oh man!, time is so long & so hard to wait even the final minutes before the time to go home......not to mention your boss is watching behind your back if you are still working even in the last minutes before going home :(

- tax breaks from the government (tax advantage when having your Business in your Home)

- no more fear of recession, layoffs, cut hours and all job insecurities (why do mankind have to experience all of this hardships just to make a living, support and feed his family?)

- utilize, maximize & realize the POWER of the INTERNET, earn money online through the web with the possibility to make money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (what happens when your boss catch you using the internet? he will accuse you of stealing company time and eventually will fire you!)

- achieve success in your own pace (and not by some get rich quick domineering do this do that boss)

- enjoy the benefits of being FREE to plan, organize, manage and balance your family life, business life, social life, religious life and other areas of your LIFE (remember, LIFE is the greatest Gift from the Eternal GOD)

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