Saturday, June 10, 2017

Food factors that influence choice of light meal in restaurant


I have 5 food factors that influence my choice of light meal when eating in a restaurant. These are:

1. Health.  Health is my first priority. I prefer a mixture of meat and vegetables with meat consisting about 20% and vegetables as the main majority of the ingredients. Fruits for dessert are my top pick.

2. Taste. The way that the food is cooked has direct effect on the taste. Vegetables that are overcooked will become very soft and they loose their flavor. I like simple seasoning with salt, spice and sauce.

3. Size. For a light meal, small to medium size is preferable. Since I am health-conscious, I control the size so it would not make me fall sleep after eating and would not add unnecessary extra fat to my body.

4. Culture. I am Asian and my culture plays an important role in my choice of Asian food and cuisine.

5. Price. Although healthy food choices for a meal are priced a bit more expensive, I think it is worthwhile since I would not put anything harmful to my body. Unhealthy food choices are the leading cause of diseases in our society today.


            My lunch yesterday was a bit more in size than the normal. I went to bed late on Friday night and woke up around 11 am and so I skipped breakfast. As a result, I ate a heavy lunch. I had cheese omelette with peas and squash as my vegetables. I had sliced mixed fruits for dessert – pineapple, orange, cantaloupe, grapes and watermelon. Drinks were orange juice, water and green tea. Although it is a little pricier, well, I already skipped breakfast so it is as if I paid for my breakfast. In order to compensate for the extra food, I had to be more physically active in my exercise and burn those extra calories.

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