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How to earn money publishing blogs online

Based on top rated sites and trusted popular online surveys all over the internet, Blogging or Writing and Publishing web articles is proven and tested to be one of the TOP TEN BEST ways to make money online ABSOLUTELY FREE !!!

YES! It's possible to earn a decent income from just using your computer with an internet connection with no money, nothing at all, starting with zero initial investment. Just Register FREE and WRITE Articles on your Favorite topics!

Do you love writing articles and really enjoy it?
I enjoy it and earn money as well.

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You will be surprised that while you enjoy your favorite hobby of writing or blogging, you also get a considerable monthly paycheque. It is just like a basketball player who loves and enjoys his favorite game and makes a living out of it - just like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, etc.


If you have an approved Google Adsense ID, you can earn money from ads on your blog. The money you earn from Adsense advertisements are yours 100%. Typically, you will have $100 a month earnings every 10,000 unique visitors per month, depending on the content of your blog. Greater quality content, more money, it is that simple! This means a daily average of $3 per 300 visitors in one day. This is particularly awesome compared to other publishing sites which split the revenue in 60/40, meaning you will receive 60% and they will receive 40% of the total income. Some share it 50/50. I personally like Blogger. It is fairly a simple process, write a blog that is rich in content and link your blog to your Adsense account. If you are searching for information, say for example, you are researching for your project in school, which website do you obtain your information for your project? Of course, your answer is the website(s) that have vast and in-depth knowledge found. The same principle apply when you are writing the content of your blog. Knowing your audience, what kind of information they are expecting, what answers their questions in their assignments or homeworks, what level of knowledge can be achieved after learning what they are aiming for. Knowledge is power, and providing knowledge to other people will reap you rewards, not only money, but respect and reputation. Before writing your first blog, make sure that you read and understand and abide by's Content Policy and Terms of Service (found at the bottom of the site). This is to protect your Adsense ID from being terminated and most of all to protect you and your readers.


Squidoo is one of the best places to publish articles on the internet.

Squidoo has simple, easy-to-use editing tools to compose and write your web articles and provide a fast publishing method with few clicks of your mouse. Advertisements displayed on your article allow you to earn money from readers when they click on these ads. The more visitors you attract, the more money you earn. If your article is interesting, informative, and helpful, all it can do for you site is to earn huge traffic and in turn reward you with great revenue.

Join Squidoo in 3 easy steps:

1. Click here to SIGNUP - FREE account!

2. PUBLISH - Squidoo is one of the best FREE publishing platform. Create your pages quick & easy!

3. EARN - sit back, relax, and reap the benefits of what you love and enjoy doing!

Publish rich content articles and earn money fast

Great content generates huge traffic!

If your articles have great content, useful, educational, informative and have good keywords, you will have many visitors that keep coming over and over and as a result, your website or page will have massive traffic and will have great potential to generate revenue through clicks on sponsored ads or links (contextual ads).

In just 3 SIMPLE STEPS, you can start to accumulate some CASH everyday if you just be persistent and consistently write useful and informative articles on a daily basis.

Publish lenses on Squidoo

PTW - Paid To Write articles, Founded and incorporated on 2005. Squidoo is one of the best & most popular publishing platform where you can share your ideas, interests, opinions, articles and views on almost any topic that you want to write.


Shop in the World's Largest Online Retailer.

Get rewarded with great discounts! is the largest online retailer in the world. Providing discounted prices in most products, it is one of the cheapest and most convenient online shopping website in the world. Amazon was incorporated in 1994, in the state of Washington, USA. The company started out as an online bookstore and now it has grown into a multinational electronic commerce company. It provides one of the best and most rewarding affiliate programs in the world. It pays its affiliates through direct bank deposits or by sending monthly cheques. It also provides international shipping of products purchased online to almost anywhere on earth. Amazon's payment methods are through MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and gift certificates.

Internet shoppers can browse Amazon's huge directory, put products in their shopping cart and wish list. Online shoppers are able to take advantage of its huge product lines including Unlimited Instant Videos, Movies, Music & Games, Digital Games & Software, Electronics & Computers, Appstore for Android, MP3s & Cloud Player, Amazon Cloud Drive, Kindle, Audible Audiobooks, Books, Grocery, Health & Beauty, Toys, Kids & Baby, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry, Home, Garden & Tools, Sports & Outdoors, Automotive & Industrial, and many more.

Amazon provides a very secure online payment solution to protect personal and account information of online shoppers. Amazon provides daily discounts and free shipping in certain products. With an excellent and reasonably fast delivery, Amazon is one of the best internet shopping sites in the world providing safe and secure online shopping and purchasing from the comfort of your home.

Shop Online at Amazon and get BIG DISCOUNTS!

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What is Hubpages?

Hubpages is a Web Publishing site. HubPages is one of the best places on the internet to write user-generated content. The revenue from the site is shared by the members. It allows authors to publish web articles on any topic they like. You can write about your ideas, insights, and knowledge. You can also share your thoughts, advice, reviews and opinions. You can also chat, socially interact, or even write a poem! The best part is, you earn money by simply doing what you love to do.

Is Hubpages a legit company?

HubPages is a legitimate USA registered company based in San Francisco, California. Paul Deeds is the General Manager and co-founder of HubPages. Paul Edmondson is the CEO and co-founder. Jay Reitz is the Vice President of Engineering and co-founder.

When was Hubpages founded?

Hubpages has been founded and online since 2006.

Where is Hubpages headquarters located?

95 Minna Street (3rd Floor), San Francisco, CA 94105, USA.


How do I join Hubpages?

Click here to Register Your Free Account.

How many authors does Hubpages have?

Over 221,000 (as of April 2012).

How many published articles are there in Hubpages?

As of April 2012, there are over 1,258,000 published articles.

How many visitors does Hubpages have every month?

Over 29 million monthly visitors and readers from all over the world. traffic is twice. Hubpages receives an average of 97 million page views a month. According to Quantcast, HubPages has become one of the 50 most visited US sites on the internet. Hubpages belongs to the top 300 most popular and most visited websites in the world, according to


How much does it cost to join Hubpages?

Nothing. Zero dollars. Joining Hubpages is absolutely free and it only takes less than a minute to register.

How many steps does it take to start earning money?

Three. Sign up, Publish articles, Make money.

How do I make money from my articles?

When visitors click on ads displayed on your articles (hubs). You can earn from Google Adsense, Ebay, Amazon or Hubpages Earnings Program.

When do I get paid?

When you accumulate $50 on the Hubpages Earnings Program and Ebay or $100 on Google Adsense or $100 on Amazon. The length of time for the first payment varies from author to author. Some writers achieve the minimum payout and get paid faster than other writers. Some authors receive their first payment after 9 months but they get paid hundreds of dollars every month after that. Content-rich articles increase in visitors and page views over time, so you earn more in the long run. DON'T GIVE UP. Keep writing. Keep publishing. This is the best advice. Just keep on writing and publishing quality hubs and you will notice after some time, you get paid month after month after month. Let those who succeeded over the years tell you the story...I am one of them.

How do I get paid?

Direct bank deposit, Cheque or Paypal.

How much do authors earn every month?

It depends. Seasoned writers receive hundreds of dollars per month, some even thousands. The top author earns over $3,800 per month. She joined Hubpages on 2008, wrote 746 articles, and has a total earnings of over $41,000 (as of 2011). Read the success stories of authors.

How is the profit shared?

The revenue is split 60:40. This means that the code of the ads alternate between the member (hubber) and Hubpages. The code for the advertisements are displayed 60% of the time for the member (author) while 40% of the time is for the Hubpages ad code. If a clicking visitor buys products advertised on your hubs at the moment your ad code is placed, you will receive 100% of the commission from the sale.

Can I refer someone to Hubpages and earn extra money?

Yes. The HubPages Referral Program rewards you for referring new writers to HubPages. You will get 10% of all their Hubs' lifetime impressions when they sign up and become a Hubber within 30 days. To be qualified as a Hubber, the newly referred author must write article(s) and publish them within one month. Some new referrals sign up but does not write nor publish hubs right away. They come back after some time and begin to write and publish (after realizing that Hubpages is one of the best and most rewarding place to write articles!). You will also receive up to 12% of the total impressions just by sending visitors to Hubs.


How do I write articles?

Hubs (articles) are written using a simple, down-to-earth hub-editing tool where you can add text capsules, change the font, add a link, video, photo, map, poll survey, table, comment box for reader feedback, and money-earning advertising links such as eBay and Amazon. Compose your content using very easy interface with just a few clicks or touch of a button.

Go to their home page for a tutorial on how to write articles.

How many words does a hub contain?

A one-page informative hub is typically about 300 to 700 words depending on the depth of the topic being covered. You can have more words if you choose to do so. There is a limit of 50 words per advertisement. For example, if your hub consists of 300 words, then you can put a maximum of 6 ads in your hub (page).

How do I publish articles?

HubPages has easy-to-use and user friendly publishing tools. After finishing the content of your article, publishing just only takes 2 minutes or less.

Do I own the property rights to my published articles?

Hubbers (authors) have all the intellectual property rights to their hubs.

What happens after I publish a hub? How do I earn from published articles? How does it work?

A hub published on the internet makes it publicly available to anyone in the world. When someone types a search word on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, or Bing, search results will be displayed on the browser. When your article is displayed and then clicked, the reader finds good information on your article, and click ads or purchase products advertised on your hub, then you will earn money from the ad(s) and commission from the sale of the product(s).

What do I do to have more traffic to my hubs?

Write articles that have quality content, informative, useful, interesting and original. Promote your articles on various websites such as social networking sites and forums. The more external links pointing to your articles, the more traffic you will get.

How do I make my article to display on the first page of search engines?

When your article is displayed on the first or second page of search engines, you will get tons of traffic which means greater opportunity to earn cash and commission. In order to be on the first page in search results, it is recommended that after publishing your articles you share them with your friends in social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Badoo, etc. As your hubs get visited and viewed by more visitors, the more money can be earned from the ads.

I am not a good writer, how can I write an article that pays a decent amount of money?

There are tutorials and apprenticeship in the Hubpages Learning Center to help and train you to become a professional writer and earn more from your hubs. You can also learn by reading some of the top Hubbers' articles. There is also a FAQ, Forums (over 6,000 different forums), Question and Answer, and the vibrant and supportive Hubpages Topical Communities to guide and help you solve most of your inquiries as well as learn about effective and productive online writing. The main thing is not to give up too soon.


Which companies are Hubpages' ad partners?

Ads from Google AdSense are displayed in Hubpages. Amazon Associates and eBay affiliate Program products are also advertised. HubPages also has its own advertisement program which is the Hubpages Ad Program. There are many avenues for you to earn money through ads in your hub.

What is pay per click (PPC)?

Relevant or contextual Google ads placed on your hub are mostly Pay Per Click (PPC) ads. This means that if someone clicks on an ad, depending on whose code (yours or Hubpages') was placed at the time the ad was clicked, either you or HubPages will be paid from that click.

Aside from writing web articles, what else can I do with Hubpages?

Publish your videos and pictures. You can also post topics and participate in the Forums, ask questions, answer questions, comment on hubs, vote, join Hubpages quarterly contests in which you can win anything from $10 to $500 in cash prizes, and a lot more. Hubpages is more than just a money-making site. Join the community and see for yourself.


Hubpages content moderators are sensitive to the promotional links, products, category, duplicate content, language, etc. included in your hubs. Be careful, to follow their policies and guidelines to avoid your account being banned. Be warned, the site is very strict. Hubpages is considered to be the close competitor of Squidoo. Overall, I like Squidoo better than Hubpages!



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